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Obama Won

And I helped. Try again next time Mittens. And now all minorities have 4 years to get ready to move to Canada because once Obama's gone, we're all fucked.


Sonamy, Sonadow, and Sonic Pairings SUCK

Originaly uploaded to DeviantArt. Will spell check later (if that since I rarely come here anymore). Too lazy to do anything but fix immediate problems for now.


I was gonna post Robotnik screaming WHY WHY WHYYYYY?! but I found this more fitting. Also if you get pissy about rants and/or other people stating their opinions I'll just hide your comment because I'm not a fan of mindless stupidity. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can relate to those. However, if you can pose an arguement that makes sense an- pfft haha yeah right.

Anyway, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah-*explodes* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgEL1Re474k  <---- for another good quality video helping to express my pain.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Specifically rabid shippers. Type in: Anti Amy since I was deliberatly looking for bad artwork to post in a thread, and I know most Sonic fans have no talent and Anti-anything is usually the motherload of it all. Recieve: Sonamy, Shadamy, Sonadow, I <3 Amy. What tha fack?

It's impossible to avoid pairing bullshit on this site. Want to see Shadow kicking ass? Good luck cause he's too busy feeling up on some 12 year old girl when he's friggin 50. Want to see Sonic racing through crazy traps or in darker situations than the games allow? Lol fuck you, looks like he's making out with his more or less adopted brother Tails. And that's IF they decide to keep him as a boy and not a girl.

I decided to take a break from fanfics because, well, I needed a break from the idiots incapable of writing anything aside from shit. And oh boy look what I find here. Shit polised in gold sprinkles.

Seriously sparkles be all up in this bitch even more than Twilight.

Anyway...again, I wish I had premium. Then I'd make my own Sonic group that DOESN'T allow pairings. Seriously, I don't even think one exists on this site. Anti specific pairings just seem to have it's own folder of ANOTHER pairing. It's like running away from Pyramid Head and Freddy is like 10 feet away. You can run from one, but there's gonna be another you can't and he will fuck you up. Then when you manage, if that, to get away, the other catches up with you and BOOM, you're fucked.

Now, if anything, I can accept Tails x Cosmo or Sonic x Sally cause it's pretty much there. Sonic X isn't canon, but you know fans. They're kinda dumb, and will greedily grab anything thrown at them and abuse the shit out of it. And the Archie comics are in a world of their own, literally. Regardless, those pairings are understandable. Annoying but(due to fan stupidity), meh.

Sonadow, and Sonamy though? -Nostalgia Critic voice- WHAAAT?

Did anyone play or pay an ounce of attention to any of the Sonic games since 1993? Where the hell did this all start? Who started it? Why is this shit such a big deal? Why am I bombarded with Sonic x Amy tru lurvve <<333 when I just want to see some comical art or read general friendship? Sonic doesn't love her, he runs from her and gives a big NO when she tries to hit on him. Why the hell do I have to wade through hundreds of pages of Sonadow when I just want to see the pair have a fight or get serious since Sega can't exactly go T for Teen.

And no, I ain't even went past the cherry on this shit sunday. It's like if I could filter out every single romance thing on FF or DevArt, I don't think there'd be anything left. You think of it, some kid has it shipped. Even fucking Eggman. EGGMAN! He clearly is the hugest furry hater since ever, and I'd know, I hate furries (namely the people). Why the hell is there art work of him making out with Sonic in drag? These fans are not right in the head.

Oh yeah, as I tried to say earlier, first one to put up a reasonable as well as believable arguement wins a cookie.

Jeez, no other rant I've posted could compair to how I feel about the Sonic fandumb. And really I'm not even going into 5% of how dumb they are. This is just a small fragment. You got the Archie nerds, Sonic X tards, Nostalgia fags, New generation twats and the list accompanied by an accurate insult goes on.

But back to those pairings.

I just can't grasp the concept of how teen/preteen/children antrhomorphic animals fucking or feeling each other up could be considered appealing outside a 12 and younger year old's mind. And that's not even including the shit fan characters/Ocs. For reference in how they're created: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN16PT6gpGU

Go ahead, say it isn't true. I dare you, because if you honestly disagree with that video I think you need to explore the internet more or just get off your pale ass and see the sun for a few hours.

I mean really, browsing this site is like having cold mud smacked in my face from all directions. Unlike FF, I can't find that sole author who has nothing ship related and I can follow from there. Nah ah. You find someone with good Sonic art, you gotta pick througgh at least a dozen ship groups, groups with ships, or their own ship art. Really, I don't have it in me to go off each and every pairing like I can for Bleach or One Piece. Then again with those, even the creators are all like 'stfu it's a shonen'. Granted, word of god says Amy will always give chase and Sonic will run, but... apparently rabid Sonamy shippers are to stupid to pay attention.


On fanfiction.net, I tend to have a long list of updates, but I'm clearing it out so everything I deem important will be seen faster. I don't want to lose all those pages of typed updates lest I forget something so I'm putting them here.
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The format may get a bit screwed up but, oh well.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Stupid

Long rant ahoy! A apologize in advance for any typos... because screw spell check.

Get me wrong all you want, it's stupid. I fact I think it's the stupidest Final Fantasy to date. Since I don't own the game myself, I watched a full walkthrough, and I couldn't take anything seriously.

You see, there's a difference between Fantasy and just plain stupid. I know reality isn't the first thing that comes to mind when people go for the fantasy related genre, but I think there's a line. Look at Lord of the Rings for example. Their weapons are believable, and their success with them is based off of the quality and balance of them. Everyone knows  long distance falls would kill them, and when the weather is cold or too hot, they can feel it. When it rains, they consider shelter. The characters get dirty when they don't wash for long amounts of time, they can tire, or get hungry. So what does this have to do with FF XIII-2?

In the beginning, Noel is falling from the sky and Lightning catches him. Alright, first off, unless Odin was made of fluffy pillows I imagine that would have hurt, but I went and ignored it since there was a possible explanation as to why he was falling and wasn't screaming "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD"  A few yelps doesn't count. But the one that really made me arch an eyebrow was at the end, when Serah and Noel land on that air ship and nto only does Noel land on his feet, he grabs Serah's hand, swings her around as though she's floating, and then she lands as soft as a feather. That will NOT work unless you're like on the moon or something.

Anyway, when you play as her you see her leaping around the beach like a pro athlete. What?

Look at the girl, she's as tiny as a 12 year old, and she can hop 3 feet in the air without a running start (lightly jogging doesn't count). And she can jump down even further.. again what? With Noel, its understandable since he has some pretty big muscles without him flexing. But Sera looks like if you pushed her hard enough you could dislocate something. Later on, you can get the zero gravity jump, which makes it make sense. But you're just starting off! True ballet dancers and gymnasts can do the same things and they're pretty tiny, but they're been doing things like that for years and days on end. Serah's been standing around waiting for her never there fiancée. Now on to her fighting experience. When did she learn how to fight? She was trapped being a crystal statue in the last game, but all of a sudden Lighting gives her a moogle bow and she's a professional archer? In the other Square titles, it's explained why each character can do what.


Yuffie, though small, was raised to be a ninja. Tifa learned martial arts from a young age, and Cloud was experimented on. When presented with a challenge, they use the skills they spent their lives mastering and can handle long falls, fights, ect.

Kingdom  Hearts:

Sora has previous fighting experience since he fought with Riku a lot. He raced him often, and had the chance to build athletic skill. In 2, he had magical clothing that could pretty much enhance his body. Though it doesn't explain why he could fall from a tree uninjured as a little boy, I can still accept that over Serah falling from over 100 feet and landing squarely on her feet. Even Lightning needs that zero gravity thing to jump  a certain distance.

Also, their weapons while I'm still thinking about it. Wtf is Caius fighting with? That thing is not a sword. It looks like Soul Edge's retarded twin. Noel has a short sword, reasonable. But then he had that other... thing that he fights with. I mean come on, look at all the swords in Final Fantasy history. A gun blade would be more handy in a real fight. And not Lightnings new age one, I mean like Squall's. I think if Caius went against someone like Aerith she could just catch one of the many wadges of that thing with her  staff, flip it out of his grasp, and whack him on the head for being an idiot. Now, Serah's weapon is a bit more believable since the bow doesn't use real arrows but magic ones pretty much.  I'm positive if she were in an archery match with a half blind elf she'd still lose. Since with magic all you have to do is see where you want something to go and it'll get there. Why the bow turns into a sword, no clue. Unlike anyone else in the game she has no other apparent combat skill and that makes me wonder just why Lightning didn't give her a staff so she could be the girly mage she was meant to be. Her clothes are obviously not meant for anything but looking pretty.

This game is like the Bleach of Final Fantasy games. I wouldn't be surprised if Tite Kubo was in charge of the story. It's dumb, and I went the whole game laughing and couldn't take a single thing seriously. Even during a character death I just went "Ha ha!" Nelson style. There shoulda been more Sazhch or however you spell his hard to remember name. (Of course they left the black guy out) He was cool. And unlike most male characters he shows common sense and actual discomfort being around little, scantly clad girls. That's right, I'm bringing up Snow and Serah.

Look at the man! He looks like some kind of pedo with Serah. Doesn't help she looks even younger when against him. Even with more of her boobs showing, Serah looks like she's at most 16, and even younger in the last game. Now, if a 16 year old girl wants a 20 something year old man, I wouldn't stop her because its what her hormones, a natural thing, are telling her to do. But just keep it on the down low because from someone else's perspective it looks pretty nasty. I seriously wish the girl would grow some brains and just go with Noel, or hell, even Hope! I'm not one for encouraging romance in a story, but if a couple looks good then I can't stop it. Aerith and Zack for example. Zack looks like a young man and Aerith looks like a young woman. She's a beauty, and not all sweets and sugar. If she gets irritated or shows some aggression it's cool and I can take her seriously. Serah looks like the type that you just laugh at if she gives you lip. Even when she looses her temper, it's like... okay? She's not intimidating. She looks like a kid.

Just watch the Paradox Ending when Snow takes Serah away. Right as they're sitting on their Delorean Shiva, just look at how tiny she looks. Seriously.

Speaking of the Delorean, why isn't time travel affecting their bodies? Its shown Serah needs sleep, so why doesn't she ever say she's tired? Time Travel should mess up the user, so why don't they ever age or something? It would have defiantly been nice to see her age to maybe 23 so she can be around Snows age and maybe even look more mature. Also, Serendipshitty. Nobody's going to question just HOW these people travel through time like "Pfft oh yea that's sooo normal".

It rains, people walk around without getting wet or really complaining. It snows, Serah is completely unaffected despite being half naked. What The Fuck.

Once again, there's fantasy and then there's just plain stupid. This game is stupid

UlquiHime Fangirls Disgust Me

Oh my god something is wrong with people.

Ever notice how there are always girls doing this? No wonder the majority of guys think girls are stupid.

At the beginign fo the month, I put a comment on a plz account for Ulquiorra saying UlquiHime would never work. And so far, I've gotten 2 replies, one in some lovely Engrish, that it would. Quite fed up with it, I responded to both with:

Please explain, how? Him reaching out to her? That tiny 3 second clip? F.Y.I. his idea of a heart is him thinking he has a literal peice of someone. Like an arm. And what about Orihime admiting her love for Ichigo numerous times and counting? Hmm? Please, just give me 10 valid points and I might consider you an intelligent person. Oh and I forgot, I think your arguement should be "Of course it works." Lovely English you have there


I'm sure Tite Kubo would kindly disagree with you.

I do await their enraged fangirl on steroids response. I really do, just so I can take a screen cap and post it everywhere. I hated doing debates in English (or was it Writing?) class. I also hated typing 3 page essays on why one thing is wrong from another. Now it's finally put to a sad use. As seen before- I can rant an ass load of truth on the subject, facts and opinions of others included. AndI can very well do it again. And I'm positive these two can't even give me a complete, 5 sencence paragraph with plausible English. I can tell typos from plain fail. Just look at how I type. And no, I didn't bother with spell check.

And if they do manage to give a good comeback, then maybe I'll tate thm 3% less..... maybe.

Happy Shut The Fuck Up Everyone!

You know what I got for Christmas? A silver necklace and a ton of shit I bought with my own money. Since I've been a terrible daughter and cheating whore terrible person for the past 2 years, Santa decided "Fuck You" and didn't visit me.

That's right, I still believe in Santa... no matter how much he rejects me.


Saints Row the Third

This. Game. IS. AWESOME!

Oh man, I've been playing since I bought it. I've literally become nocturnal because of it. It's fun, exiting, and absolutely bat shit insane.

Go play it.

I got mine on OnLive, so there were some drawbacks. Like system maintenance, crashing, and graphic quality. One time I did a whole 15 missions and lost all my data. It's a wonder I didn't die of heartbreak then and there.

It's so good I've almost completely lost interest in anything else. Including my life.

But seriously though, go play it.

Ho ho ho

Wishes that will never come true...

I made a Blogger account thing, and noticed there was a Wishlist option. And for the past... forever now, I've just been addidng and adding until my total came up to Win the Lottery. Seriously.

Invisible Man Fanfiction

Can ya beleive it? I think the only people who read that book are highschoolers or Black Panthers. Written for my English class in high school. We had an option of doing one of several things for the book we were reading in class. I chose to write an alternate ending because writing fanfiction for class is awesome...

The StoryCollapse )
I honestly hate first and second person, but the whole book is in first so... yeah

This is a Mary Sue Parody for One Piece. Anyway, I noticed One Piece is like a breeding ground for Mary Sues. No matter what you filter on FF.net, there will ALWAYS be a Mary Sue story. It's annoying actually.

Takes place around when Robin joined. Ya know, cause I suck at writing anything else. Starts off a bit cheesy, I know.

Cara Belle Mary BelleCollapse ) Not much of a One Piece Sue. I was going for her being a pirate and such, but I was too lazy to keep typing and thinking of stuff.