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Ranting, ranting and maybe fanfiction

You know, because it's easy to do

1 April
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-copied and pasted from multiple bios from different sites-

I guess you can say I'm a typical Aries. Nothing to special about my real looks either. I know I'm not funny. I have the humor of a 12 year old.

I play multiple MMOs:
Perfect World
Jade Dynasty
Battle of Immortals
Soul of the Ultimate Nation
Wind Slayer
Wonderland Online
4chan (might as well /b/ one)
Dungeon Fighter Online
Zomg (derp)
Shin Megami Tensei - Megaten
Grenado Espada
Imvu (might as well be a game too)
Forsaken World
ARGO Online
Rusty Hearts

Yeah... multiple.

I also write fanfictions and the reason I'm creating an account is to rant about them. Ya know, because Tumblr and DeviantArt isn't enough.

I also have a rather extensive list of things that piss me off:
-Furries...mainly the beastiality variety
People who think they're a Master.. you know the ones (FYI Your doing it wrong)
-Overly preppy people
-Lovey dovey freaks (Aka the ones that have their supposed bf/gf all over their page)
-pple hu nly tlk n txt lngo
-People who really think they're really really awesome
-People who really think they're extremely attractive and the world loves them
-People who take roleplay far too seriously. *points below*
-People who think their someone/thing their not. (You are NOT a vampire, ninja, mage, over 1000 years old, a princess, a queen, a demon, Edwards wife, Harrys wive, any fantasy character, any sci-fi character, or anything close to "uber kawaii")
But you can be a troll
-Twilight Fans
-Anyone who bothers to argue with me... it's the INTERNET
-People who cyber..stupidly. ("ooooo baby mmm -lick yo neck- mmm dat feel gud") -_- Seriously, stfu
-Children (15 and under, rarely exceptions)
-Prissy bitches
-Aaand bad grammar in papers. I'm taking English 101 and there are students twice my age who write like I did when I was in 7th grade.

That's about it. For now.